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     Henrys café
Vol. 10
  The Stage Is Set
“The world now teeters on global recession”, said a representative of China at the recent summit of Asian and European economic minds. We stand at the very brink of a worldwide economic collapse that would plunge the peoples of the world into both social and economic calamity. The wealthy have withdrawn access to their wealth, leaving a planetary population stuck in financial stagnation. The flow of currency and credit has slowed to a trickle because of distrust, and trading in the stock markets is only reactionary because of fear.
What a great spot for the entrance of the one person who has, what appears to be, “The Solution”. The stage is set for the single individual who can direct the world out of disaster, into a better situation of cooperation and betterment. How fortunate for the world that such an individual should appear at this most crucial moment in human history. Just lucky? Hardly!
This very scenario is detailed for us in the hopes that we recognize the signs of the times, and what these sign will most assuredly lead to. There are many worldwide activities in operation. Our task is to have eyes to see these designs clearly, recognizing by the operation, the nature and intent of the designer of each operation. We will know them by their fruits. Keep your lamps trimmed, filled, and lit.
Vol. 9

My United States of America faces an uncertain socio-economic future, because the foundation on which our society was built is composed of the iron of an almost democratic principle, mixed with the miry clay of an unethical financial system that is based upon greed. Being left out of the decision process, we American citizens must seriously consider how our lives and our society will change when we are told to “move on”; whether or not our hundreds of billions of dollars are given towards “the bailout of privately owned financial institutions”.

The working citizen will continue to pay into a tax base with every paycheck, so the “public servants” of government will continue to get paid regularly. The executives of high finance will also continue to get paid, either by our tax dollars at work, or amidst the chaos of bankruptcy. What we must observe is how the United States of America will continue, as an almost democratic nation, and as a society of free thinking individuals. Our version of civilization reflects the guiding principles of our cooperative coexistence, in this last bastion of combined independence and freedom in the world. Shall we continue to operate the business of our lives motivated by greed and the exploitation of any available vulnerability? Or will we finally choose to conduct our socio-economic operations in a manner that serves the freedom and betterment of every American citizen, rather than benefiting only those of power, wealth, and influence?

We must recognize that life in America has already changed. Our refusal to have acknowledged it sooner simply illustrates our national denial and delusion. It was determined back in the 1970’s to eliminate the middle class, leaving primarily an upper and a lower classification of citizenry. Many of us, rather than opposing this plan, sought to move up to a place amongst those of higher economic stature. We were disinterested in the prognosis for those who could not move up; we accepted their plight as “those less fortunate than us”. Well … soon a great multitude of us, who were on the way up, will find ourselves amongst the less fortunate. Homes will be lost, retirement and financial instruments will be lost, and due to the failure of corporate devices, unemployment will dramatically increase. Will the cries of the coming hardship fall again on deaf ears? Perhaps this is what we brought onto ourselves by our own prior lack of economic compassion. The Beatles said it well, “in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”.

Vol. 8

     These United States of America were founded on the principle of freedom of individual choice, as opposed to obligatory obedience to the word of unelected Monarch; to the end that the will of its citizenry may be demonstrated in the operation of national government. In the American Republic, the national government is composed of representatives who are elected to voice the will of its constituency. However, when presented with new information that was previously unknown to its constituency, that representative will vote according to its conscience; without regard for the will of the people it is employed to represent. This illustrates a clear departure from the concept of a “government of, by, and for the people”. The process of information dissemination, when accessing that information’s legislative value, must be learned and practiced by each person who claim’s citizenship in a self-governing nation; each citizen voting on every piece of proposed legislation. This enables a true Democracy, whereby the will of the majority is always expressed in law.

Some argue that a true majority rule will leave the minority voice unspoken in governmental matters. I argue that in such cases where obvious distortions of ethics and correctness yield laws which alienate or operate in opposition to freedom or safety of even a portion of the citizenry, then such laws and that government must be altered. I quote:

“… life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness…”

     Each state government, being a sub-division of the larger national government, is obligated to design its laws according to the principles of the national government, yet tailoring its regional civilization to best provide for the responsible reflection of the will of the citizens of that state. This is the agreement signed by every citizen of this self-governing nation. To irresponsibly designate laws which deliberately are destructive to the life, liberty, or the pursuit of ANY citizen’s happiness, is to defer from the principle foundation on which this nation is built. So, in the light of modern methods of communication, including the internet, let us further consider tailoring our government to guarantee more pure expression of the will of the majority, determined by actual vote; and leave the conscience of a representative to be expressed only in matters of national security.





Vol. 7

     For far too long, Christians have blamed "Caesar" (the government) for the course taken by America. We of this new millennium must understand that this is a different governmental moment than that which existed 2000 years ago: As citizens of the USA … WE, the people, are "Caesar". We, the people of the USA have the ability to impact, and (as spoken in our Declaration of Independence) “when necessary“ exercise the right to alter the method and personnel of our governing bodies. In the 1960's and early 1970's, we spoke as a nation to correct socio-economic errors, that had previously eliminated access to freedom and opportunity for many who had not been treated with socio-equality. Were we not presently so complacent, and even negligent in actively participating in the process of our government, more folks would speak with the same knowledge and passion of the more politically visible. We do not have to agree on every aspect of politics, government , or philosophy. We must, however, conduct ourselves as active members of a self governing nation, displaying to the world our particular version of civilization. Better late than never.

Vol. 6

Can you see the real “American” me?

After enduring eight years of socio-economic mismanagement we now face the aftermath of such national neglect: banks failing, homes repossessed, homeless college students, skyrocketing food and gas prices, sub-standard and stagnant wages, and of course we remain economically and militarily over-committed to conflicts overseas while ignoring obvious deficiencies within our national borders. We threw money and tax breaks at “Big Business”, and they responded with the kind of self serving practices that have resulted in record breaking profits for themselves, and an economic recession for the people of our nation.

     As it was in Israel in the days of Samuel the prophet, so America now conducts itself independent of the leadership provided by the Lord our God. We lack responsible governmental leadership, we are overly dependent on corporate provision, and have thoroughly displaced our obedience to the example set by our Lord and mentor who, (as depicted by Paul the Apostle in 2Cor 8:9) “became poor that ye (we) through His poverty, might be rich”. Jesus often referenced His church’s relationship to “the poor”, yet His present day church refuses to recognize OUR delegated responsibility to care for OUR American poor. We have chosen, rather, to seek our own personal wealth, following the example of the corporate leadership that has garnered record profits at the expense of the dependent masses.

     Peter pleas with us in Acts2:40 to turn from the example of those who love darkness more than light, and to be guided by Holy spirit of power, love and of sound mind. We cannot responsibly determine competent government unless we minister to the needs of the people of the nation. How do we solve the problems of a nation that is become thoroughly embedded in rebellion against obedience to our Creator?

     Let us profit from the lessons of a kingless Israel, turning from that which is right in our own eyes, preferring to serve the Living God, who speaks directly to our “marching orders”, as members in His brigade: He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God”?  Jesus said, "If any man come after me let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me".

Vol. 5
     Jonah obstinately refused to deliver God's message to Ninevah concerning its impending doom.  He chose, instead, to flee “the presence of the Lord”, running away towards Tarshish on a boat.  He later reveals that though marked for utter destruction, he believed that Nineveh would probably be spared by the mercies of the Lord, if they  were to offer repentance; in spite of their profound wickedness.  Yet, when Jonah finds himself in a position of perilous doom, he  offers repentance to the Lord, and is not only spared death because of his disobedience, but is immediately placed on the shores of his initially forsaken assignment.  He then delivers God's message to the inhabitants of Nineveh: forty days and counting before destruction overtakes them all.  From the King on down to the lowest peasant, they all turn from their wicked ways hoping against all odds for deliverance from death.  God responds to their earnestness with merciful clemency. 
 Here is illustrated God's plan of redemption for Israel, and those who would become the church of the Lord.  When God “came unto” Jonah the second time with assignment instructions, Jonah received God's word, and obeyed Him, allowing the outline of 'sin and deliverance' to take shape.  The world believed that participating in ungodly practices would not separate them from a gratifying life.  Israel was first chosen to deliver God's message of life to the world doomed to death because it built a belief system based on insufficient and erroneous information.  Israel failed to deliver God's corrective information, falling prey to the same misguided practices and beliefs as those they were sent to save. 
 Later, Jesus the Messiah again assigned Israel to deliver God's remedy to the world that was dead in its own delusion; but Israel rejected Jesus and his authority.  So Jesus offered Israel's assignment to the gentile world, those who would accept the assignment becoming the voice that would continue to correct the misinformation that misleads and therefore condemns to death an entire planetary population.  Thus, the church is born because some, like Nineveh, turn from their wicked ways, in the hope that God will save them from the executioner's hand.  Later, Israel will acknowledge their disrespecting of Jesus the Messiah, turn from their disobedience, and ask for forgiveness for their sin against God.  God will respond to Israel with mercy and an eternal assignment for them, with Him in His kingdom.  
 Much the same message is delivered by Stephen in Acts chapter seven, illustrating  this pattern of “the second time”.  Abraham, Jacob, another king that knew not Joseph, Moses from his two houses revealing to Israel twice how, by his hand, Israel would be delivered. Again, Moses guiding Israel out of Egypt through the wilderness, yet speaking of the coming Messiah to whom Israel would be obedient.  The living word given to Israel at Mount Sinai is offered to the very gentiles God drove out before the face of Israel.  We reject God's offer the first time because we are self-deceived, building ours beliefs on erroneous or insufficient information.  With better or more complete information we are enabled to make a more intelligent choice.    
Vol. 4

How is a thinking individual to come to believe in the God of the bible?

At the center or heart of the matter, is Jesus, the man who is biblically referred to, as The Messiah of the world; translated as 'The Savior of humankind'. That phrase entails the entirety of the matter: the world, or all of humankind, is in need of saving ... and Jesus the Messiah serves that purpose.

So, begs the question: what does humankind need to be saved from? The bible states in detail that if a person breaks any of the laws given by God, then the consequence of that violation is death. The problem is in our perception. We may not recognize the existence of such laws.

We understand that the law of gravity is real, and that the violation of that law will hold true consequences. If a human jumps out of a jet that is flying at 10,000 feet, that person will be pulled towards the earths center at a fatal velocity because that human is “heavy, with weight” ( the definition of glory, by the way).

The second law of thermodynamics states that flow occurs from where it is greatest to where it is least. So a human, who finds himself 5000 feet under water, will be crushed by the weight of the surrounding ocean because the pressure exerted by such a large body of water will attempt to fill the less pressurized space inside of the human. Such a violation would have painful and fatal results, without adequate precautions, such as a submarine, or other such pre-pressurized apparatus.

Both science and common sense give us a comprehension of the two previous examples of laws. Because we can observe the results of the violation of these laws, we tend to acknowledge and respect these laws. Difficulty comes into play when dealing with the laws given to us by the God of the bible, because the consequence of the violation of these laws may not be immediately visible. As sensory oriented creations, we have built up the habit of depending more upon our senses than on our minds. So, “out of sight, out of mind”. Are we in agreement so far?

We have history to reveal to us the truth of the giving of God's laws to humans. If we choose not to believe the recorded historical events concerning God and humans, we have intentionally chosen to ignore information that could dramatically impact an “intelligent and informed” decision. If we pretend that such events did not occur, we delude ourselves into a blissful state of ignorance, mis-believing that we are not held accountable for what we have simply chosen to disregard.

It all boils down to this: the bible declares to us God's experience with humankind, from before the days of Adam through the end of life on earth, as we know it. Because we, of our own volition, choose to live in deliberate violation of the laws of the God of the bible, we disobediently separate ourselves from God and all that He might offer us. He created us, yet we, the creations, want to dictate to The Creator, the terms and conditions of our relationship with Him. This might be considered, by reasonable minds, an error in judgment.

Jesus, the Messiah, stands in our place, receiving death to Himself for our disobedience. This provision in the law is acceptable to the God of the bible, if we acknowledge our sin against God, turn from disobedience, and accept His sacrifice, in our place.

    Vol. 3




    The bible speaks very specifically about extra terrestrials.  Secular writings and visuals have distracted us from recognizing the obvious.  Because of the secular response to the call for sci-fi, we think of E.T.'s in terms of those illustrated in The Alien series, or The Andromeda Strain, or Star Wars, or even Star Trek.  These are the best that a Holy-Spiritless mind can conceive, but it cannot perceive on God's spiritual level.  We, however, having the Holy Spirit of God living within us, understand that the bible continually speaks of spiritual domains, levels of power and authority, and actual places of dwelling just beyond the perception of carnal man. 

         Daniel prayed for three weeks for a response from God concerning the end of the captivity, yet the messenger, dispatched by God that very first day,  was hindered for three weeks in a different dimension than that of humankind, by a being that was alien to humankind. 

         Jacob, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Paul, and John each traveled beyond the earthly realm to observe and sometimes even participate in the activities of a spiritual dimension, biblically noted as the heavenly realm.  Herein lies the real homework.  The words used by our ancestral brethren to describe "spiritual things" may not clearly translate into English the complete, or as Jesus says, the "perfect" meaning of the words given.  The words for angels are many, yet we simply translate them "angels".  Actually those words could more precisely indicate levels of power or authority, designating messengers, bodyguards, or guardians of specific groups; like Israel or the church. 

         Consider the most important application of this interdimensional existence.  Humankind shall one day be translated into an eternal presence, some with God, some apart from God.  Enoch was the first to be translated, as all believers eventually shall be.  Elijah also was carried away from an earthly presence into a spiritual domain.  Yet both he and Moses (whose dead body was the subject of dispute between Michael the Archangel, and Satan) were observed in a staff meeting with Jesus.  So then we know that the authority over Jesus, Moses, and Elijah can cause whom He will to move freely between realms.

    I could go on and on, but then you wouldn't have any discovery in your own homework.  Remember, that there are five dimensional places that we call "hell".  One of them referred to by Peter, called Tartarus, is a holding place for those angels that "left their first estate".  Since they are bound in Tartarus until Satan attempts war with God after the millennial reign of Jesus, who are these creatures that dwell about us who attempt to inhabit or possess human bodies?  This is the stuff of dramatic and compelling sci-fi.  We would be remiss if we did not explore so ripe a field of thought.


    Vol. 2


Beloved, we are nourished by the Word of God, so it behooves us to frequently and often seek His word with all diligence and earnestness. To read His word is to hear His voice directly. To comprehend what we read is to receive the gift of His voice with all readiness, bowing our hearts to the authority of His will. Because of His grace, we are enabled to comprehend what mercy and what grace have led to our arrival at this continually progressing moment in time. If we seek Him diligently, we will continue in His grace, to always place ourselves within His place of grace for us, both individually and as His peculiar and spiritually set apart people. Our place, as the children of God, is under the umbrella of God. Seek no other, more artificial covering, because that which covers us is the authority rendered unto us by the Spirit of God. To the one is given the love of a father, to another the love of a husband. Yet to some, beloved, is given even Jesus Himself, that some may serve as a covering over his entire household, because there is such in existence, which operates in opposition to the will and authority of God, challenging His omnipotence and ability to deliver. This is why Paul tells us that man is the head of woman, and Jesus is the head of man.

The heaven and the earth were created to display the unequaled love and authority of God, as demonstrated upon this spherical stage called Earth. We are but interactive participants in God's explanation of how things work within His realm. Between the first and second verse of the bible, there occurred a challenge to the sovereign authority of God, which was met with swift and decisive deactivation. Some are even now being held in waiting, in a place that is covered by the waters of the sea. When the challengers are released for final assessment, they will depart from the presence of God, as will all that participated in the genetic pollution that occurred on the earth; including the fearful and unbelieving.

It began with one man, who was compromised by the weakness of his flesh, and the desire to please his wife; rather than obeying the Word of God. Next, a brother offered the works of his hands as an offering to God, instead of a designated and acceptable sacrifice. Angels, who were dissatisfied with their portion from God, polluted the genetic purity of Gods human race, seeking to create a race of their own. The five cities of the plains were a base of operations for those who deferred from Gods love, providing for themselves the ungodly alternative. The Pharaoh of Egypt, who was not an Egyptian, enslaved Israel and attempted to murder the one appointed by God to introduce the authority of God to the entire world.

     The examples extend from cover to cover in the collection of scrolls we called The Bible. The people of God have been seduced, intimidated, murdered, bribed, again enslaved, and even lulled to sleep ... all to interrupt the progression of the plan of God to redeem unto Himself those who belong, and that which belongs, to Him. Yet, through it all, Jesus fulfilled the law that demanded a blood sacrifice for sin.

Once and for all, we have access to the ear and grace of God, from whom all blessings flow. Jesus said that we would do greater works than He did because He was going to be with the Father, and would send us the Holy Spirit, who would teach us all things. Which things are godly because He searches the deep things of God, and will bring to our remembrance all that Jesus said. And Jesus is the "Living" Word of God. So how, then, can I expect my life to be in agreement with the way of the world around me? They conspired against my Lord; they will not be very pleased with me. So, that when I err, will I find mercy from them? I dare say, just as did Jonah to Ninevah: I am but a man, yet He who holds all things together by His will, has sent His prophets and His Word to declare the error of the way of the world. There can be no life apart from He who is The Life. Therefore, turn away from the pride of your mind, the lust of your belly, and the violence of your heart, or your name shall not be found written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Jesus speaks of His own when He notifies some that when they fed the hungry, clothed the naked, and sheltered the homeless, they had done so unto the Lord Himself. The kingdom of heaven is not clearly recognizable, because it is not what the wisest of earthdwellers expect the body of The Messiah to be. It has grown into a monstrosity, sin is mingled amongst the teaching of the word.  There are many who would hide themselves in the church, pretending to be believers. Yet, Jesus knows who belongs to Him because He has known us from the foundations of the world. And though the world operates against all that is godly, yet did God die for the entire world, that those who come to believe on His Son should live with Him, both NOW and forever. Does it seem like you've heard this before?

Consider well that Israel was delivered, of God, out of Egypt, yet all that were above twenty years old at the time of the Exodus, perished in the wilderness. Certain angels who were blessed with diverse assignments of gifts and authority, were cast away from the presence of God, and even now, await their final judgement. The five Cities of the Plain (actually it turned out to be only four) served as an example to all who burn in their lust for strange flesh, discovering the vengeance of eternal fire. Both Peter and Jude warn believers against three things: offering God, as a substitute for righteousness, the works of our hands; misusing our position in God for personal gain, and seeking power by challenging the sovereign authority of God. Judgement must begin in the House of God, because many are watching to try to comprehend His manner of love for us. Therefore, we must earnestly contend for the faith that exists only by way of the Messiah, Jesus.

The Father in heaven is the keeper of life. If we are to take possession of life, we must first come before our heavenly Father. Then, being in His presence, we may receive the gift of life, even as He delivers all manner of blessing. There is no other way; there is no other life. Either we live, because it is offered through The Son of God, or do we not live because we reject the sacrifice of the Son of God. Just as Joshua entered into the promise of abundance by believing God, so must we believe that by the faith of God, we too shall take possession of the promises of our Lord, through belief in and obedience to His word.

His word is clear: "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to do all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success".

"He hath shown thee, oh man, what is good, and what the Lord requires of thee: but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God".

Gold and silver have I none, but what I have I offer you. Diligently seek God, and receive His grace.

Vol. 1

Welcome to Henrys Café.

This is the feedshop for those who seek mindfood.

The purpose of this newsletter is to stimulate readers to do their own home work. I, therefore, encourage you to be like the Bereans, of Acts 17:11. Accept what you hear with all readiness of mind, but check out this information, to see if these things are so. Bon Apetite.

A long time ago individual travel to Washington, DC, was time consuming and expensive. Therefore, it was more practical for a community of citizens to voice their majority legislative opinion via a single representative. From the infancy of American democracy to the days of flower children, this system would stand as the best method for democratic balloting.

Today, however, there can be a much more efficient representation of majority preference concerning each new piece of proposed legislation; whether federal, state, county, or local. In pure democratic fashion, each individual citizen can express his/her personal electoral choice by voting by home computer, or official polling place computer; all via the internet. This refined balloting system would fulfil the purpose of the "majority rules" ideal, and free elected representatives to better focus on critical national and international issues.

The new process would allow the combined Congress to submit new legislation for public scrutiny. New submissions could be posted by noon on Monday, to be considered by the general public for five business days. Official balloting occurs eight days later, on Tuesday. The official data base is located at a federal site, but access is handled within each state, within each county, within each city, within each district, within each precinct.

The total votes cast will determine the passage or denial of new legislation. Every resident of every neighborhood will have the ability to cast his/her vote on every piece of new legislation. All new proposals will be posted singularly, rather than tied to other new proposals. Each proposal shall be numbered, as will each voting citizen. An immediate record shall be generated, stored, and recorded noting voter number in cooperation with legislation number, and the vote cast. This makes these three items verifiable in case the need arises. A receipt is generated upon the "cast" of the ballot.


The precinct office will maintain the precinct data base for voting, and the gathering of information for new proposals, reflecting the needs and concerns of those citizens within that precinct. Each citizen has the right to submit concerns and new proposals. Each new proposal is posted, just as national proposals, only to be voted upon by members of that particular precinct concerned. Passage at the precinct level sends the proposal to the Representative, in Washington, DC, where the proposal is presented to the Federal Legislature, or referred to the specific State or County government, for public presentation.

Those elected representatives shall represent their constituency by reporting the documented choice of their precincts to the federal legislature, concerning the vote of each new proposal. Then they shall make available to their constituency, any and all information concerning that legislation, gathered in their capacity of office. Information shall be made available for every citizen represented in each precinct, whether printed or online Where there is no suitable home computer, there will be provision made at the precinct office, taking into account the total number of voters versus number of computers required to accommodate the total number of balloters expected to utilize the facilities.

Many Americans have never realized governmental representation at any level of government. For the first time in human history, we may all express an equal voice in the development of our communitys structural growth. One person, one vote. The majority of votes will determine the course of the community, and the nation.

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July second, two thousand and three.
The third day is upon me,in about an hour.  The afforementioned proposed Congressional Amendment was created in the hopes that these United States of America, though a nation of diverse opinions, be united in the principle of positive and responsible growth.  That which benefits all should be easily visible to all.  Be talkin to ya.  mindfoodprime 

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